Comprehensive orthodontics

There are now choices on how to achieve the same goal- Beautifully straight teeth

  • BRACES traditional fixed appliance using clear or metal brackets – a long established way of straightening teeth using brackets and wires. Guaranteed compliance and fun for teens with a variety of colorful rubber bands to chose from

  • INVISALIGN – clear removable retainer therapy for adults and teens , an alternative to traditional brackets and wires. A very effective and gentle way of correcting malocclusions with clear aligners that are simple to wear and adjust to life and all it’s crazy situations. Best of all it doesn’t interfere with oral health, as it is removed for oral care, and when eating meals

  • HEALTHY START Removable retainer therapy starting in primary to mixed dentition

focuses on alleviating the root causes of malocclusion. This treatment is highly effective and simple to use. Generally worn a few hours a day and while sleeping. It stops grinding, helps the child sleep and breath better and slowly , naturally allows the body to self correct certain types of malocclusion ie open bite, cross bite, deep bite. It can be part of a more comprehensive approach using fixed braces or Invisalign  for minor alignment for a few months at the end of treatment. It’s an excellent option to correct poor oral habits that cause malocclusion. Patient compliance is the biggest challenge. It can be started as young as age three depending on the maturity and compliance of the patient. This treatment is effective for the overall health of the patient as it directly addresses the root cause of certain malocclusions that leads to the need for orthodontics as well as other problems including but not limited to :breathing, sleeping, eating, speech, behavior

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