Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings can be quite complicated

The initial prophylaxis is polishing the teeth while removing plaque and some staining. A cavitron scaler is used in conjunction with prophylaxis, in most cases, for the gross removal of calculus that is supragingival as well as subgingivalas. The stubborn stains can be removed as well.

Root planning and scaling is the use of hand instruments to clean the root surfaces of teeth individually. This is for deep removal of subgingival calculus.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride doesn’t just benefit children. Fluoride is present in all surface water on the earth. Optimal levels vary so fluoridation is done by adding fluoride to the drinking water. It varies from cities and states. Fluoride protects teeth in two distinctive ways- systemically and topically.

Systemic benefits are during the process of tooth formation in young children when the ingested fluoride becomes incorporated into the structure of the developing tooth buds. There is longer lasting protection if the fluoride is ingested regularly while teeth are being developed ( prior to actually erupting).  Because fluoride is deposited throughout the entire tooth surface, it is much less prone to decay.

Topically applied fluoride benefits  erupted teeth by providing local protection on the tooth surface.  Examples of topically administered fluoride include toothpastes,mouth rinses and professional applied gels, varnishes and foams. The maximin benefits of fluoride is when its incorporated at all stages of development (pre eruptive to post eruptive). Fluoridated water provides that protection in all stages of development. Research has shown that FL has reduced caries level in primary teeth by 60% and 35% in permanent teeth. Caries is considered one of the most commonly preventible diseases in children.

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